Emily Addison Starring In “Anal Taste Test”


Emily Addison is being featured in a new video over at Girls Way together with Abella Danger. It was published today with the title “Anal Taste Test”.

Abella Danger and Emily Addison are at it again, making out in their bedroom. Spending an afternoon lying in bed, the girls explore each other’s bodies. When Emily goes down on Abella, she nibbles on her clit while she fingers her. Abella is about to cum when she asks her to put a finger in her ass. That’s when Emily gets uncomfortable. She doesn’t understand why anyone would want to do that.

Abella tells her that it’s pretty clear that she likes it and she doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Emily feels weird about it and besides, she has to leave for her shift at work. Abella’s frustrated and alone. She figures that she’ll just have to get herself off. Sucking on a dildo, she makes sure it’s nice and wet. She fingers her ass and puts the dildo inside but before she gets a chance to finish herself off, Emily interrupts her.

The girls start talking and Emily states that this seems like it’s important to her. Abella replies that it is: after all, 5 minutes after she left for work she had a dildo in her ass. Emily ponders for a moment and states that perhaps they could try it together. With Abella ecstatic, the girls embrace and start making out. They undress each other and then Emily picks up the dildo and slowly puts it in Abella’s ass. She moans, loving every inch of it. When Emily’s time comes, Abella slowly licks her ass and Emily actually seems to love it, crying out that it feels amazing. It looks like the girls have found a new pastime!

Previews of photos related to “Anal Taste Test” with Emily Addison:

Emily Addison: Anal Taste Test - 1

Emily Addison: Anal Taste Test - 2

Emily Addison: Anal Taste Test - 3

Emily Addison: Anal Taste Test - 4

Emily Addison: Anal Taste Test - 5

If you’re a member of Girls Way then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.

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